Interventional Family


4700: Digital detector for real-time dynamic imaging, ideally suited for large-sized applications


The 4700 features optimised resolution (154 µm pixel pitch) and numerous operating modes. It brings unmatched digital performance, with high contrast, spatial and temporal resolution at a low X-ray dose. The 4700 benefits from Trixell technology - a Cesium Iodide scintillator on an amorphous silicon matrix - which has proven its worth for both static and dynamic exams.


The 4700's format and resolution make it the detector of choice for real-time applications such as vascular, neurology and R&F exams. Its 30 cm x 40 cm size is the best compromise between easy patient access and the appropriate field of view. Our exclusive optical reset process allows fast switching between DSA (Digital Substraction Angiography) and low-dose fluoroscopy modes while maintaining maximum image definition. Used in R&F applications, the 4700's features (variable rate mode, zoom) also make it a versatile solution for general radiology applications.



3040: State-of-the-art flat panel detector for interventional radiology

High sensitivity, low dose: outstanding Pixium® CsI high X-ray absorption efficiency

Various modes: radiography, fluoroscopy, to DSA, cine

Suitable for 3-dimension imaging : frame speed performance allow data acquisition for CT-like data reconstruction and 3D volume rendering.

Large image format: 30 cm x 40 cm

High frame rate: up to 60 frames per second