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3543pR: The world's first wireless digital radiographic imaging detector

The 3543pR is the world's first wireless digital detector for radiographic X-ray exams.

It's clinically proven to have no interference with surrounding machines due to the low power wi-fi connection. Its low weight and ease of handling allow technicians to work closely with patients even under the most demanding circumstances: immobilised patients, emergency situations etc.

It brings the needed freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections. In addition, the 3543pR can even be used with a simple cable connection.


Multipurpose: a single detector for both radiography and fluoroscopy.

Easy to use and robust: The 3543pR flat-panel detector is light, compact and easy to transport. Its WiFi connection means that technicians are no longer burdened with cables. The freedom and ease of use enable a high degree of operational flexibility for healthcare professionals. The 3543pR is recharged automatically when placed in its wall-mounted docking station or by stand-alone power module when mounted on bucky tables or wall-stands.

Lower X-ray dose for greater patient safety: The detector is based on the clinically proven advanced Pixium® CsI scintillator, offering outstanding X-ray absorption capacity, reducing dose exposure to the patient while ensuring high-quality images.

Top-quality digital images for enhanced diagnosis: The 3543pR detector combines high detection quantum efficiency (DQE) with a large number of pixels and high dynamic range (16 bits), enabling it to reveal even the slightest anatomical detail for a high-precision diagnosis.

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