Portable Family


Portable DR: The first wi-fi detector to reduce the X-ray dose while maintaining excellent image and diagnosis quality

The Portable DR is the new generation of flat panel detector that delivers unprecedented freedom in performance and features. It is the first on the market to provide an answer to the growing struggle of radiologists to reduce the X-ray dose without a negative effect on the image quality or diagnosis.

As well as providing remarkable image quality, the Portable DR is designed to simplify examination conditions. The versatility and autonomy of this ultra-lightweight and robust detector optimises patient throughput.

The Portable DR is at the forefront of technology, benefiting from Trixell's experience as a pioneer in wireless radiography.

State-of-the-art Pixium® CsI scintillator:

High image quality at a low dose

Optimised pixel size for radiography applications: 160 µm

Complete image acquired in less than 10 seconds

Unrivalled ergonomics:

Only 3.1 kg including battery - the lightest flat panel detector in our range

Convenient cassette size (ISO 4090)

Up to 8-hour battery autonomy

Flexible and intuitive:

Hassle-free installation into radiography rooms or mobile carts

Multi-share: Offers the possiblilty for multiple detectors in one room, or one detector shared across several rooms

Auto-detection without generator synchronisation