Flat Panel Detectors


Benefits of Trixell's digital flat panel detectors:


Immediate image

No film processing

No retakes or call-backs

Improved workflow


Network access

Image distribution

Image storage


Improved diagnostic

Image processing

No image distortion

Reduction of X-ray dose



Bringing the benefits of digital technology to manufacturers and radiologists

Digital technology is substantially boosting the productivity of new-generation X-ray systems. By generating a real-time digital image, Trixell detectors offer cost savings, faster image processing, easier integration of X-ray systems in transmission and management networks. The exceptional dynamic range of the detectors ensures a high-quality picture in a single exposure, and a greater diagnostic accuracy with shorter waiting time for patients.

Trixell's flat panel digital detectors are designed to provide substantial improvements over conventional solutions: real-time, high-quality images, reliability and a low dose.