Flat Panel Detectors


Technological Principle


Trixell flat panel detectors are based on proven core technologies:

a cesium iodide scintillator (CsI)

an active amorphous silicon array controlled by custom-designed, ultra-low noise electronics


Operating Principle

The principle of Trixell's flat panel detectors consists of a matrix of photodiodes made from amorphous silicon, covered with a cesium iodide scintillator.

X-rays are absorbed in the CsI layer and are converted into visible photons, which in turn generate electric charges in the photodiodes. Each pixel of the matrix is connected to a row line for driving voltages, and a column line for readout via an active switching element, which may be either a thin-film diode or a thin-film transistor. Electric charges are read out in parallel for one row. Signals are then multiplexed and converted digitally inside the detector housing. The data are transmitted via a fiber-optic link to the acquisition system, where digital processing is performed.