The world's first multipurpose, large-format, real-time digital imaging solution

The 4343RF is a digital flat-panel detector suited for both radiography and fluoroscopy, with the largest coverage area in the market. It is designed for easy installation in remote-controlled exam tables and allows manufacturers to offer radiologists a completely digital and real-time system. This solution generates high-quality images for both fluoroscopy (up to 30 images/second) and radiography applications.  This  detector ensures reliability while also offering a long- lasting calibration and a non-deterioration of image quality over the time. Digital technology facilitates the work of X-ray technicians and speeds up the process, allowing medical centers to optimise the number of patients that can be seen.

  • 4343RF : quality, reliability, speed, versatility.
  • Integrated in remote-controlled tables, the 4343RF allows radiologists to perform X-ray exams (bones, lungs), or carry out fluoroscopic exams, in particular for gastroenterology, urology or vascular. The detector delivers a high quality, all-digital image for each type of application.
  • Large format : largest coverage area in the market

With its format (17″ x 17″), the 4343RF offers the largest coverage area in the market. This means that it can easily be used for lung and pelvic exams.

  • Top-quality digital images for enhanced diagnosis

This detector is based on the clinically proven Pixium® CsI scintillator, which offers outstanding X-ray absorption and reduced exposure to the patient while ensuring high-quality images. The combination of DQE, a large number of pixels and a high dynamic range (16bits) allows a precise diagnosis, showing even the slightest anatomical detail.