Portable EZ Family

Portable EZ Family:
- Mobile, robust, versatile

One of the lightest portable detector on the market:
- 3543EZ weighing 2.8 kg (including battery) and the 2430EZ 1.6kg

- 35 x 43 cm (or 14 x 17 inches) and 24 x 30 cm (or 10 by 12 inches) 

Easy to clean:
- With its hermetic design, the EZ Family is able to withstand liquids dropping on the surface. Furthermore, the complete absence of slits allows easy cleaning and drastically reduces the possibility of bacterial development.

Fast image delivery time

Up to 8-hour battery autonomy from a full charge

- Offers the possibility for multiple detectors in one room, or one detector shared across several rooms.

- Automatically detects the X-rays when an image is triggered by the operator. Works without the need for synchronisation with the X-ray generator. This means that the EZ Family can be used with any X-ray equipment with no need for modifications.

Image memory:
- Several tens of images saved in the detector's memory and uploaded to a workstation at a later time.

High image quality at low dose:
- The Portable EZ detectors combine high detection quantum efficiency (DQE) with a large number of pixels and high dynamic range (16 bits), enabling them to reveal even the slightest anatomical detail for a high-precision diagnosis. All of our detectors offer a long-lasting calibration and a non-deterioration of image quality over the time.

Optimum pixel size: 
- Best compromise between radiation dose and image quality.

  • 3543EZ & 2430EZ
    3543EZ & 2430EZ
  • 3543EZ & 2430EZ
    3543EZ & 2430EZ