Trixell is a 25 year old joint venture between Thales (51%), Philips Healthcare (24.5%) and Siemens Healthineers (24.5%), each of which are in the top 5 companies of the medical imaging market in their own right.

These three major actors enjoy a strong partnership and benefit from the complementary skills that each brings to Trixell, allowing them to develop the most  innovative products on the market. Trixell’s main objective is to cover all needs from equipment companies to end users.

Thales is the world's leading manufacturer of X-ray image intensifiers and radiological imaging solutions and therefore, provides a comprehensive expertise in detection technology.  Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems, part of Thales, is in charge of the commercialisation of Trixell products. Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthineers are world leaders in medical diagnostic and interventional systems, complete solutions and services.